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Ready to let go of Mom Guilt and start to take action on YOUR goals unapologetically?

Your dreams have been collecting dust, and you wish you had time for yourself to pursue them-- but the mom guilt is REAL. Join me and other moms who are unapologetic about creating impact without being overwhelmed once and for all. 

What you'll get:

  • Uncovering your personal and professional goals .
  • A dedicated accountability and mindset coach remind you why your time for yourself, matters. 
  • Your dream out of your head, and into reality, and the ability to test out what dream is worth pursuing. 
  • Custom mindset assignments to nurture the stage of where you are on your goal. And I'll keep track if you actually do the work. You can't hide in the Fire Tribe, we will get things done!! 
  • An amazing community of moms that will rally behind you, more than you can imagine! 


What Mamas in the Tribe Are Saying:

“Annie's dedication to greater self awareness and ongoing self-improvement is inspiring and motivating. The assignments were insightful/thought provoking and so helpful with "uncovering." The weekly calls were essential because we were able to connect virtually with the other Fire Tribe Mamas face to face which fostered a safe space, community, accountability and vulnerability which all lead to growth. I have learned to take daily actions that move me in the direction of goals. I choose to find the good in people. I am grateful for meeting Annie for her tough love , authenticity and unapologetic push fro moms to live fully and discover their best selves has been inspiring and motivating. ”

Cherie H.

“I actually didn't join the Fire Tribe the first time Annie offered it. I wasn't sure what it would offer me, and I was hesitant to spend the time and money. But, I took that leap of faith the 2nd time it was offered, and I am so glad I did. During that period of time in my life with the Fire Tribe, I was studying for my Board exam to become a Nurse Practitioner and then depending on whether I passed or not, I would need to secure a job after that. I was also dabbling with the idea of creating a community for other moms with type 1 diabetes because there are limited resources that encourage women that you CAN have kids and have type 1 diabetes and nothing out there as a safe place to share the the ups and downs with parenting while managing this chronic disease. I was juggling a lot, and, if I’m real, my marriage was not at its best. During the Fire Tribe, I made my self-care my priority and the shift of having a new way to look at life and myself, made all the difference. Though it was hard, I found new ways to communicate with my husband and kids. As a bonus, while I started purging my relationships, I found myself more readily purging my house, too! Score!!! Although it’s still an ongoing process, purging has been something I’ve struggled with my whole life. There was a mind shift, and it caused a beautiful ripple effect all over my life. This was done with tears, both happy and sad. :) More importantly, the process was so meaningful to me and my family. Remember that original goal I had when I joined? Done. I passed my Nurse Practioner Boards during the Fire Tribe! I then secured a full time job, and I feel so fortunate to have continued support to this day from the tribe. One of the coolest parts about the tribe is, aside from accountability for goal setting, it’s a safe place for me to unload and vent. I had some stressful family events that happened during the fire tribe. I was able to work through this stress much differently. After working on my mindset, these once suffocating events were now so much easier for me to experience and move through. My passion to support women with Type1sugarmomma is happening! Admittedly, it’s been a slow process, but progress is progress in my book. From time to time, Annie and I would get on a phone call, and I would tell her there is something more that I want to do with my passion. So, I recently reached out to a favorite jewelry store of mine, that happens to be an amazing organization that believes is philanthropy, and I organized a local event where proceeds from the event will go to Diabetes camp. I am over the moon excited to be working with Kendra Scott! All in all, working with Annie week after week supported me in my life as a woman, a wife, a mom, a sister, an aunt, a friend in so many areas. I gained so much more than I thought I would. I have always loved self-discovery, but having Annie hold space for me to be myself and be accountable to my personal growth was powerful and a game changer.”

Melly P.

“I swear it was fate that brought me to Avenue Mama. I don't even recognize myself anymore and the business and brand I built. This tribe has lit me up in ways I couldn't have even imagined. Annie is supportive, like truly supportive. Not the agreeable type who let's you walk around with spinach in your teeth. She will call you out (lovingly) until you get out of your own way. The women I've met.. I didn't know a single one of them before this experience and girl, I now have friends for life. Annie has a gift in creating a safe space for everyone and making sure everyone feels heard and supported through whatever goals they have set out for them. She's someone everyone needs in their lives. I truly owe Annie my life. She has helped me create a mindset of gratitude and living out my best future. Just when I thought I didn't have the time to do anything on top of everything moms do, with the help of Annie, I found ways to make time and figure out my business and branding messaging. I am much happier and clear on what I want my life to look like. I'm now building the path to get to where I want to be rather than dreaming about it. I will look back on this experience and see it as when I started becoming who I want to be. If this sounds like something you need in your life, don't question it. Trust your gut and don't look back! ”

Michelle P.

“Annie lit a fire inside me..this is how my baby (catering business) was born. This is my re-birth. Just as I imagined my little girl to be, Ready Set Nosh took that small dim fire and ran straight without thinking, without looking, without having time to wonder, and she burst into flames. A wild fire of emotion, life, dreams, visions, and Hope’s were let loose by this fire, that blazed right threw me. Within a few weeks I was catering another event, and then another event and then another… Annie helped me find my fire, and helping me keep it Lit AF! Without this fire starter, there would not be what exists today… she is ready, she is ever evolving, she is certain, she is capable and she is me.”

Maria P.

“I used to think there was no way i could carve out 5 minutes of "me time' in order to redirect myself to being productive and keeping my sanity while working, side hustling, dealing with 3 kids, and being a good wife. Annie's fire tribe changed that for me and made me realize that the guilt of taking 10 minutes for myself without kids is way less than the guilt I'd feel for screaming at them for no reason because of being overwhelmed. So, I owe a lot of my sanity to her and the awesome group of ladies who are a part of the fire tribe! Ps. my husband and kids thank you too, annie! By managing my mindset, during the time together with Annie, I changed jobs and my side hustle of hand drawn calligraphy is close to being my career. I landed a huge opportunity with Aerin Fragrances/Estée Lauder, Nordstrom and Erin Condren and soon after started teaching my hand drawing workshop!!! If you asked me 6 months ago, I would have never thought I could do any of this. It is not easy to make yourself a priority, mama---but you would be surprised on the small habits Annie teaches to make a huge impact on life and family. You will get a ton of value in being with other mamas who want more in their life!!”

Jomylene R.

“I'm usually someone's partner for their journey, but today I can happily tell you that not only am I that today for some awesome women, but I can also count on them to keep me accountable !Annie says, "Motherhood changes some things, but it doesn't have to change everything." This aligns perfectly in my journey to rediscover my new and best self after becoming a first time mom. ”

Vanessa T.

“ The best thing that I learned from being in two rounds of the Fire Tribe was that I can do something to create a life that I love and I'm proud of. That goodness for our tribe because I wanted to work on goals for myself, but I also needed connection with other mamas that are experiencing similar struggles. I have used Annie's progress tracker and list my potential goals in order to gain more clarity in what I wanted to tackle. It took me time for me to feel comfortable and I really like the way it is set up for support, vulnerability and connection. It was a way to really connect over shared struggles and celebrate each other's wins! I was like that we we were able to celebrate as a whole group. ”

Jennifer M.